Day 6 of 365 DDD: Homage to Oscar de la Renta, rose statement bracelet

On our 6th day of “365 Days of Designer Inspired DIY tutorials”, I thought I should reference the fact that Oscar de la Renta passed away this week 😦 I still remember his amazing dresses on Sex and the City (but unfortunately have yet to own a piece by him!) Hope you’ll like this floral bracelet as much as I do. It’s rather eye-catching! 🙂


As usual, it’s all about supplies:

– cord with diameter of about 1 cm (it has to be thicker to support the heavy floral centrepiece)

– hooks ends that can be glued on

– statement flower which can be either:

1. a large rose that covers your wrist- these can be hard to find, so you could make 1 yourself out of polymer clay

2. a collection of small flowers to form 1 large floral centrepiece (for this we’ll need some kind of backing to stick the flowers on, E6000 and scissors. I’ve used felt for the backing here but if you have a stiffer material that works as well)

3. add fabric in the same colour as the flower to the back of it to make it look bigger

For this tutorial, we’re going with Approach 2: forming a statement floral piece using (3)smaller roses but when I have time, I’ll do a post on the other methods too 🙂

This is how you’re going to lay the flowers out.



Step 1:

Glue the flowers onto the felt in the pattern shown above. Leave to dry. Once dried, use a toothpick to apply some E6000 to the petals where they overlap to help ensure the flowers don’t flop about (won’t be an issue if you have a stiffer backing)



Step 2:

Cut off the excess backing so that it can’t be seen when viewed from the top.


Step 3:

Cut a length of cord that goes around your wrist. I strongly suggest making sure that the cord + extra length from the hook ends makes the bracelet snug around your wrist. I normally prefer loose jewellery so when I used the 1st length I cut (above), the flower piece would shift around when I moved because of its weight. Once I re-sized the cord, there was no problem.

20141025_222444 20141025_222528Step 4:

Place the floral piece with flowers facing down and apply E6000 generously to the back in a straight-line. Press the cord onto the glue. I used 2 heavy weights to hold the 2 ends of the cord down as E6000 takes a while to dry.

Leave for an hour or 2 and you’re all set to stun your friends with your new fashion piece 🙂


Compare and contrast with the original here:

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